Why I Do These UFO Tours

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Sedona UFO Tour Guide™

I’ve been asked how I got into doing Arizona UFO Tours in Sedona. Back in 2018, I answered an ad from another company in town doing UFO Tours who shall remain nameless. When this operator had to have an operation, I ran their UFO tours for couple of months. Immediately, I saw the need for the general public to get some information on the reality of our space program. I was answering questions, but not pushing the operator’s narrative of space ships landing on nearby mountains, or that communications satellites were space ships. Can’t do either. Because I wouldn’t tell the lies that the operator tells, I was told my services were no longer needed.

Two weeks of doing the tours for that person, to realize the need for someone to tell the truth. That’s when I created the Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ character and started doing my own UFO information sessions. The truth is the most important casualty in the destruction of America’s culture, which has been a goal of globalists for over 60 years. Truth is what I’m about. I’m a scientist.

Chemtrail circle

People come on the tour thinking all they’re going to get out of it is perhaps a glimpse of a space ship, but what this tour offers is so much more! Fear is the great stopper of all man-kind, and knowledge defeats fear. I provide knowledge, in context, and with the purpose of defeating those fears that are the stumbling blocks of those who come on the tour.

No billing ahead of time, because the attendee to shouldn’t have to wait for a refund when the rare snow storm, or the way too often-sprayed chemtrails ruin the visibility. Others take your money and won’t give it back. Notice these reviews from a competitor’s operation here in Sedona:

Theft by competitor

Not only is my tour a little more than half the price of this operator, I don’t take payment until we’re actually leaving for the airport to view the sky. I won’t lie to you for ANY amount of money, and I’ll provide what I know to be the truth even when it’s a little painful to hear. I even provide products to improve your survivability should the SHTF.

Beyond that, I love doing the tours, and meeting smart people who realize the BS of what’s going on with the globalists and the TV lies. I enjoy traveling down the rabbit holes with those new to the process, or those who’ve been doing since the 1990’s like myself. I’m passionate about the Great Awakening and restoring what was once great about America. If you feel the same, THIS TOUR is the one to book. I hope to see you soon.

Here is the UFO PACK PRO™ Available only from the Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ at Arizona UFO Tours

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