Wake Up And Do Something

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The Sedona UFO Tour Guide
Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Our Sedona UFO Tour Guide is not only an engineer and multi-instrument musician, but also a published author! Be sure to get his new book Wake Up And Do Something from all the usual outlets starting May 21. Hardcover books with the unique bookmark will be available in a limited edition starting May 20th on the Wake Up And Do Something website.

Bookmark / Slap bracelet

The “bookmark” is also a slap bracelet with a jump-drive containing Terranomaly’s first two albums (“Wake Up,” and “Do Something”) along with other great classic rock songs the band has recorded. It also includes the Wake Up And Do Something book in eBook, pdf, and audio-book forms.

Wake Up And Do Something book cover
Wake Up And Do Something Book Cover

In this time of propagated fear by the powers that want to continue to be, the information in this book, some of which is from ET contact, couldn’t be more timely. The lyrics from the 2015 album Wake Up are in everyday news and reports from a wide variety of sources. The book goes into intimate detail of the mind of the songwriter (Sedona UFO Tour Guide aka Michael O’Sedona) to reveal the ET influence in the creation of the album, and the individual lyrics of the songs therein. The album identifies the problems the nation was about to face, and it was designed to prepare the listener for Terranomaly’s sophomore effort, “Do Something.” The latter album calls out the things all Americans can do to fix the problems the debut album identified. “Do Something” will be released simultaneously on the bookmark and in digital form for downloads.

Arizona UFO Tours supports the dissemination of truth in every format possible. We hope you will, too.

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