• UFO Pack Pro
    UFO Pack Pro $3,900

    The UFO Pack Pro has everything you need for a fun night out watching spacecraft, whether alone or with a friend who also has a set. Watch the video above for all the information on this CLASSIFIED piece of military hardware.

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  • Are You Experienced Hoodie
    Are You Experienced Hoodie $52

    This is a warm stylish hoodie with a front pocket to warm your hands, a draw string around the hood, and the great Are You Experienced logo.

  • Are You Experienced Long-sleeve T-shirt
    Are You Experienced Long-sleeve T-shirt $30

    This is an all-year piece of apparel. In the summer, it reflects the heat. In the winter, it keeps you warm and fits well under a coat.

  • "No ID Sunglasses" Block Facial Recognition $20

    These glasses come in various color schemes and reflect all attempts to pull the eye area into recognition software. With ears and mouth covered using a bandanna, you are completely free of FACIAL recognition targeting.

Color Scheme
  • Wake Up And Do Something (Book)
    Wake Up And Do Something (Book) $20

    This is the new version of Michael's book, but it isn't like any book you've ever bought before! This unit is a slap-bracelet USB jump-drive with the book in pdf, e-book, and audio formats. In addition, the Wake Up album, Do Something album, and extra songs are also on this 'book.'