About Arizona UFO Tours

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Estimated read time 1 min read
Arizona UFO Tours is the place to locate the UFO Tour Guide with the most info on the UFO/ET topic.

Arizona UFO Tours is THE place to get the most knowledgeable guides, latest available equipment, and without a doubt, the BEST prices!

FIRST to provide the OMNI 6+ Gen3 auto-gated goggles
FIRST to provide the PERSONAL UFO TOUR (Guide comes to YOU)
FIRST with a clothing line (helps you stay warm)
FIRST to provide goggles for each adult, with no sharing for the whole tour!
FIRST to offer a cash discount!

Arizona UFO Tours started in Sedona, Arizona with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, and will be expanding to other Arizona cities, providing the same value and information to attendees Statewide!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide started Ariona UFO Tours
Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Want to be a UFO tour guide? Do you have any ET contact experience? Are you a pilot, physicist, or other scientific researcher? Do you attend conferences on Disclosure, UFOs, ET, paranormal, or other topics? You might be just what we’re looking for to represent cities in Arizona. Contact Michael at 602 485-9190 or email michael@ArizonaUFOTours.com for more information!