Sedona UFO Sightings Event

We just got confirmation that our Sedona UFO Sightings event will be happening March 13th & 14th just outside the Sedona City Limits. The exact location is CLASSIFIED at the moment, but will be released March 1st. It is the 24th Anniversary of Phoenix lights, and a tribute to that event is in the works.

Element 115

We will have presentations from renowned authors in the UFO field, as well as ET contactees sharing their stories of contact. We have a panel Q & A planned for Sunday, and a GROUP UFO TOUR on Saturday night with real-time UFO traffic displayed on a video wall. After the tour, rock out with Element 115 (the band with the ET drummer) and then, enjoy a classic rock tribute and dance party with ONE performing live.


Space Burgers, chips and soft drinks will be available as well.

There will be amazing art, jewelry, and all things UFO to view, and admission is FREE!

We’re bringing FUN back to Sedona, and it’s about time, right?

Stay Warm in Winter

In the Arizona high desert, it can be sunny and 70 degrees at noon, and by 9pm it can snow. Those on day-long hikes, stripped down to T-shirts at 2 in the afternoon, they may not be prepared for such drastic temperature changes in such a short period of time. Backpacks need to carry layers to have the best chance to stay warm in winter in places like Sedona, Flagstaff, and Kingman after the sun goes down.

Hats and gloves help stay warm on high-desert winter UFO Tours
Hats and gloves help stay warm on high-desert winter UFO Tours

Hats and gloves are recommended for doing anything out in the open high desert after dark in the winter. Because of that, Arizona UFO Tours provides their Tour Guides with these warm, very green coverings in limited quantities. These synthetic-blend items stretch and fit kids to medium-sized adults.

Are YOU ready for winter night tours? The skies in central and northern Arizona are magnificent year around, but the winters are especially clear for night vision UFO watching. We hope to see YOU on an Arizona UFO Tour soon!

Tours – Sedona UFO Tours

When it comes to tours – Sedona UFO Tours specifically, there are a variety of angles to choose from, because there are a variety of people interpreting the information that you see through the night vision goggles.


Arizona UFO Tours uses the PVS-7 Omni6+ auto-gated night vision goggles

Now, the major players are all using PVS-7 generation 3 goggles, and Arizona UFO Tours is using the Omni 6+ versions of those. You can tell if it’s the newer auto-gated series by the buzz that you hear when you turn it on, and the increased volume of that buzz when you point the goggle at a light source. Arizona UFO Tours also sells the latest version in the UFO PACK PRO.


Sedona UFO Tour Guide night shot by Arizona UFO Tours
Milky Way in Sedona Sky

In Sedona, you just can’t go wrong here. I’ve done a PERSONAL UFO TOUR right next to the well-lit Tlaquepaque. I’ve done them at houses in Cottonwood. The night sky in the Sedona area is great as long as the geoengineering is kept to a minimum, and no storms are overhead. The public tours are done within a couple of miles of each other no matter which tour you choose. The sky is perfect just over a hill from West Sedona.


Sedona UFO Tour Guide does Sedona UFO Tours for Arizona UFO Tours
Sedona UFO Tour Guide does Sedona UFO Tours for Arizona UFO Tours

This is where the differences come into play. Honesty is Arizona UFO Tours‘ number 1 policy. We will not intentionally misdirect you. We will not call a moving object a ship unless we have given all likelihood of being a satellite due thought. If we just don’t know what it is, as is sometimes the case of flashes that seem to move very slowly, or a zig, pause, then zag and exit move, then we’ll call it a UFO.

The fire pits on nearby mountain cliffs are not ‘UFOs landing on nearby mountains.’ Arizona UFO Tours will also never give you goggles that make you see everything double, and hope you don’t notice. We also don’t make you share goggles on our tour unless you have an unusually large group. If you have an unusually large group coming to Sedona, talk to us about renting a local Amphitheater. We can put up our video wall, and have up to 200 people sit in the grass and enjoy the real-time display of the night vision worn and described by the tour guide and his spotters.

The Sedona UFO Tour Guide will also bring the night vision to you with his PERSONAL UFO TOUR. With 3 or more people, the show will come to YOU. Enjoy watching UFOs while lounging poolside whether in swimwear in summer, or a snuggie in the winter. Have an Air BnB in Sedona or Village of Oak Creek for your group? Most back yards or driveways are excellent spots to view UFOs after dark. The tour always meets around sundown and the watching begins about 15 minutes after that.

Make a reservation with the guide who is an experienced satellite/missile engineer, computer whiz, pilot, physicist, and ET contactee. Reserve an evening with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide

Michael is the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

For depth and clarity of sky for UFO watching, it’s hard to beat Sedona. Known for its “Dark Sky Community” status, it’s no wonder there are more than a couple UFO Tour operations in Sedona.

There is only one guide who used to work on Satellite and Missile projects, is a physicist and pilot, and is also one of the million humans with first-hand contact experience with ETs. That’s the Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Always looking to get people connected with the information to best help them on their intellectual and spiritual journeys, Michael of Sedona will show you airplanes, satellites, and UFOs, and quickly teach you how to tell each from another. If planets are visible, he’s also likely to have his telescope with him to show you the rings of Saturn, or the Galilean moons of Jupiter. You might just get to see a crescent Venus as well!

Arizona UFO Tours

Arizona UFO Tours logo
For the best in gear, knowledge, and price, Arizona UFO Tours is the place!

Thanks for visiting the Arizona UFO Tours website! This is the place to get the most out of any UFO Tour in Arizona. We have the best equipment, the most knowledgeable people, and the best prices!

Why would you go on a tour that tells you that fire pits on the edge of a cliff are UFOs landing? Why would you go on a tour that gives you goggles that make you see two of everything hoping you wouldn’t notice? Why would you go on a tour where technical questions would be asked, but the guide has no technical, aerospace, or physics expertise?

With Arizona UFO Tours, you get the most knowledgeable guides, the highest quality gear available, and you can even BUY the gear at the end of the tour if you want!

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