SpaceBuick’s Replacement Is A UFO Hunter

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SpaceBurban Comes To Life

As many of you know, SpaceBuick (known on the internet) died in December. I was debating how best to replace my official vehicle. Well, I’ve figured it out, and here he comes!

SpaceBurban is now the official rolling messenger for Arizona UFO Tours. If you book a Sedona UFO Tour through us, this will be the vehicle that will bring me to our meetup place.

The Suburban spent the last six years as a storage unit for a friend of mine who was not able to afford a storage unit of his own. That friend moved to Illinois, so it freed up the Suburban just in time to be refurbished into this beautiful rolling advertisement. Improvements will be ongoing, and this vehicle will get more advanced as the months progress in 2022. Yes, that is a dual 2″ laser cannon and working radar dish on the top. The back bumper has the sticker “Powered by” next to the plate, which is LMNT115.

Will this attract attention? What do you think? Let me know.

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