Sedona UFO Tours without the Bull

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Billy Knows Michael’s the Real Deal

As the REVIEWS show, most people who want to see what’s going on in space above us don’t want a dog and pony show. They don’t want woo-woo any more. People have had enough lies from their mainstream media, the so-called “experts,” and movie depictions.

PVS-7 UFO Pack-Pro

They also want to have an experience that they will remember for at least a few years. They want to be comfortable. They want high-quality equipment. They want a safe environment.

The great thing about Arizona UFO Tours, and the Sedona UFO Tour with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide™ specifically, is everything above is provided. A few posts back, we showed our amazing gaming chairs for the PERSONAL TOUR peeps.

PERSONAL Tour Seating

This is like booking 1st class on the airlines. These gaming chairs are fully reclining, adjustable in about every way, and are even the correct color!

We have been standing on the tour for the last 5 years, or sitting on a large cardboard seat when not too windy. Always wanting to improve the tour, without raising the price, another option for “coach seating” needed to be found. As the most affordable (per adult per goggle) UFO tour, our Public UFO Tour needed to have a comfortable seating option that also allows for 360 degree viewing, but takes up less space, so that we can get up to 20 of them in SpaceBurban1.

New “Coach Seating” on UFO Tour

That was just settled with this new purchase. These chairs are comfortable, easy to see all-around, and very stable. You see, they are DRUMMER Thrones. If you have reservations after March 1st on the Public UFO Tour, you’ll be getting one of these new seats to use!

Carla and I hope to see YOU on a tour soon. Be sure to book your Sedona UFO Tour without the bull at THIS LINK.

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