Sedona UFO Tour Guide

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Michael is the Sedona UFO Tour Guide

For depth and clarity of sky for UFO watching, it’s hard to beat Sedona. Known for its “Dark Sky Community” status, it’s no wonder there are more than a couple UFO Tour operations in Sedona.

There is only one guide who used to work on Satellite and Missile projects, is a physicist and pilot, and is also one of the million humans with first-hand contact experience with ETs. That’s the Sedona UFO Tour Guide.

Always looking to get people connected with the information to best help them on their intellectual and spiritual journeys, Michael of Sedona will show you airplanes, satellites, and UFOs, and quickly teach you how to tell each from another. If planets are visible, he’s also likely to have his telescope with him to show you the rings of Saturn, or the Galilean moons of Jupiter. You might just get to see a crescent Venus as well!

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