Night Vision Could Save Your Life

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If you have been paying attention, you’ve seen that the war between Deep State and We The People has gone hot. It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Water, Food, safe ingress & egress, the ability to defend your home, and power generation are all priorities.

Another priority is being able to see anyone approaching your position day or night. Due to their extensive research & development, their longevity, and their use of AA batteries, I think every serious preparer should have a pair of these PVS-7 goggles. They can NOT be taken out of the country legally, nor can any of its active parts. They CAN and DO allow you to see in pitch darkness, and even have an onboard IR illuminator when you need it.

The kit offered on this site has everything you need for hands free night vision acuity PLUS an amazing laser that can project 20 miles. How is your Morse code? The goggle sees the laser, but people without night vision will not.

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