Arizona UFO Tours with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide™
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When you can handle the truth, and you aren’t into the Woo-Woo that many goofballs bring to Sedona, then you’re ready for the Sedona UFO Tour Guide and Arizona UFO Tours.

Michael is a scientist and mathematician. He worked on satellite and missile systems throughout the decade of the 1980s. He programs in seven languages and five scripts. He was an Apple developer for 2 decades, and a Macromedia developer before that. He sealed up the Galileo satellite sensor section just before its final test and shipment. He and two other people built the SPAS-01 satellite for Germany. This is a REAL scientist, not a “zeus” wannabe.

Sedona UFO Tour Guide on BBC Discovery

He’s done photo and video analysis for Discovery and BBC television. Heck, he’s even invented a water to HHO unit, a magnetic motor, and prototyped the first whistling frisbee in 1975. None of that compares to being a first-hand contactee with three 8′ extraterrestrials though. With five exabytes of data downloaded into his brain from these ETs, Michael answers questions from the most diverse topics imaginable.

Go on a tour from the best vantage point in 30 miles, and get the answer to the question you’ve always wanted to ask. It will be fun!

What makes ARIZONA UFO TOURS different than other UFO tours is:

• Everyone gets their own goggle to use for the tour
• Guide is experienced in military programs AND is a pilot
• No BS from the guide
• All questions get answered
• You get the lowest price and highest value available!

You can BUY THE GOGGLES from Michael as well!

Sedona UFO Tour Guide started Ariona UFO Tours
Sedona UFO Tour Guide

FIRST to provide the OMNI 6+ Gen3 auto-gated goggles
FIRST to provide the PERSONAL UFO TOUR (Guide comes to YOU)
FIRST to provide goggles for each attendee, with no sharing for the whole hour!

Arizona UFO Tours started in Sedona, Arizona with the Sedona UFO Tour Guide, but will be expanding to other Arizona cities, and providing the same value and information to attendees Statewide!

Want to be a UFO tour guide? Do you have any ET contact experience? Are you a pilot, physicist, or other scientific researcher? Do you attend conferences on Disclosure, UFOs, ET, paranormal, or other topics? You might be just what we’re looking for to represent cities in Arizona. Contact Michael at 602 485-9190 or email for more information!